Sta per uscire la seconda edizione del libro Honest Medicine scritto da Julia Schopic,la scrittrice ha voluto inserire la storia del nostro web master nel suo libro, che a breve sara' in commercio negli Stati Uniti. il nostro web master, che ricevera'copia del libro,ha assicurato Julia che fara'il possibile per trovare un editor in Italia disponibile a pubblicare la copia in Italiano .Di seguito il manoscritto che sara'pubblicato assieme alle storie di tutti i responsabili Europei dell'introduzione di ldn nel loro paese


Emiliano Marchi, Italy, Multiple Sclerosis


Without a doubt, Emiliano Marchi is the person who has done the most to spread the word about LDN in Italy. He is the creator of the Italian LDN website (http://www.ldnitalia.org/), and administrator of the Italian LDN Facebook group, �Gruppo LDN Italia� https://www.facebook.com/groups/189026731227/.  I asked him to tell his personal story of how LDN has helped him with his MS�and how he went on to help others in Italy to learn about LDN.


He told me he is honored to be a part of this book. I am honored to have him.


In his words:


In 2003, I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, but my first symptoms appeared nearly 20 years earlier�in 1985. My main symptom back then was hemiparesthesia�a numbness on the left side of my face, and in my left arm. But until 2002, I didn�t have any motor symptoms. My only symptoms were lack of sensitivity to touch, double vision, and difficulty emptying my bladder.

No one ever mentioned MS to me.

In September of 2002, on a business trip in Argentina, I started to have problems with my left leg. Intermittently, it was stiff and awkward. When that happened, I had trouble walking.

When I returned to Italy I was very worried that I had MS. (I had studied medicine for two years, and knew the symptoms.) So, I consulted a neurologist. He told me it was not MS, but for some reason, he ordered a tomography of my brain, without contrast. It turned out negative, as I knew it would. I knew I needed an MRI, so I found another neurologist who ordered one. It uncovered several small lesions. Afterwards, he hospitalized me; they performed several studies, including an EEG and a lumbar puncture. Although these tests were inconclusive, all my symptoms deteriorated over the next six months to such an extent that my neurologist told me I had relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

At first I did just what my neurologist suggested: In the summer of 2003, he started me on the interferon, Betaseron�three injections a week. The side effects were terrible: headaches, flu-like symptoms, fever, exhaustion, and muscle weakness in my legs. All activity was impossible for me because of the fatigue. After less than one year, I could no longer tolerate the side effects.

When I told the neurologist how awful my side effects were, he prescribed two cycles of the immune-suppressing chemotherapy drug, Mitoxantrone (brand name Novantrone).

The side effects of this drug were even worse than those of Betaseron. And even so, my disease progressed. But the worst part was that one of possible long-term side effects of Mitoxantrone is cancer, especially leukemia and melanoma. Eleven years later, in April 2016, I had surgery in my right arm for a melanoma. The dermatologist said it was because of the Mitoxantrone I had been given eleven years earlier.

After experiencing the horrible side effects and complications from the two conventional drugs I had been prescribed, I decided to search the internet for an alternative therapy. In 2007, I found the US website, LDNinfo.org, which contained a link to the Yahoo LDN forum. I wrote to Dr. David Gluck, creator of the website, and also the forum�s administrator, and asked him for information about LDN, which he sent me. I decided I wanted to try it.

I asked people in the group how I could get LDN in Italy. One member told me about making my own LDN with distilled water from a 50mg tablet. I told the group that in Italy there was a product called Antaxone, which is Naltrexone Hydrochloride liquid, which I could get from any pharmacy in 10ml bottles; each bottle is equivalent to one 50mg tablet. Several members agreed that this would be a good option.

I needed to get a prescription for Antaxone. I went first to my neurologist, who did not support my decision to take LDN because it is not a standard therapy for MS. So I changed to a neurologist who was knowledgeable about it and gave me a prescription for Antaxone. I started with 1.5mg and gradually increased it until I reached 4mg. That dose proved to be too high; it caused stiffness and spasticity, so I lowered it to 3mg. Then, sadly, after 3 years of prescribing the Antaxone for me, my neurologist died. Although my current neurologist agrees with my taking LDN, he says he can�t prescribe it because it is off label for MS. So, I found a homeopathic doctor who writes my prescriptions.

For the past six years, I have been taking 3mg capsules, which my homeopathic doctor prescribes for me.  The first supply I got was from Skip�s Pharmacy in the US; I used Skip�s for a year. But having any medication sent from a country outside Europe is a problem for customs here in Italy. It involves paying extra money and filling out lots of paperwork. Fortunately, now there are compounding pharmacies in Italy that compound LDN, so starting two or three years ago, I began using an Italian pharmacy. Skip taught me how to make the LDN capsules�which fillers to use, etc.�and I explained it to my pharmacist.

There are now seven compounding pharmacies that make LDN in Italy, and the number is growing. We list them on our website.


My life has changed completely for the better since 2007, thanks to LDN. I no longer have any MS symptoms, or any major problems with fatigue.  After my first week on LDN, I felt so much better: no more tiredness or weakness; and no more problems with walking, bladder, or balance. In fact, I have no limitations of any kind. I am a different person�and everyone I come in contact with who knew me before remarks on the change LDN has made in me.

I am now retired, and devote myself to my favorite sport: I'm a master of karate! I am separated from my wife, and my 33-year-old twin sons, Yuri and Elvis, live with me. I do all the housework, go to the grocery store, and do most of the cooking. I travel around Italy taking my students to competitions everywhere without problems. All this would have been impossible before LDN.

In 2008, I created the Italian LDN site, http://www.ldnitalia.org/. Dr. Gluck told me he�d be honored to give me permission to use the information from his US site, http://ldninfo.org/. He provides a link on his site to ours, and we provide a link to his, as well. Linda Elsegood also links to our site from hers, LDNResearchTrust.org.

I have become so enthusiastic about LDN that in November of 2009, I started the LDN Facebook group, �Gruppo LDN Italia.�


Thanks to both the Italian LDN website and Facebook group, there are now many LDN users in Italy. Also thanks to my online presence, several neurologists it Italy now trust me, and are beginning to prescribe LDN for their patients with MS; one neurologist prescribes it for other autoimmune conditions, as well.  Some non-neurologists in Italy, who learned about LDN from our website, also prescribe it for their patients. I would never have believed any of this could have happened when I first learned about LDN.

In addition to karate, spreading the word about LDN is my life!

Thanks to Emiliano�s devotion to LDN, his Facebook group now has nearly 1000 members, and several hundred people in Italy now take LDN for illnesses such as multiple sclerosis,rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn�s disease, and even cancer. Emiliano receives at least ten phone calls a week from people who want to take LDN, and just as many emails and calls from people who tell him that he has saved their lives. He always corrects them, by telling them that LDN�not he�has saved their life!